North Fork Ohop Creek Pipe Arch

Land Owner:  IP Pacific Timberlands

Location:       North Fork Ohop Creek, Pierce County, Washington  

Sponsor:        Pierce County Conservation District   

Contractor:    CeCon Corporation, Tacoma, WA

Project Cost:  $78,000   


Project Summary: Chinook Engineering was retained to provide engineering design and construction management for this culvert replacement project.  The two existing 5 foot diameter culverts were earmarked for replacement due to being a velocity barrier to upstream migrating salmonids. A 17 foot structural plate arch was chosen in order to match the existing natural stream bottom within the reach, enhance fish passage and provide greater hydraulic capacity. The end result is that fish now have access to upstream rearing and spawning habitat that was previously not accessible. 





Existing 5 foot diameter culverts.










Concrete arch footings being placed on gravel 

sub-grade prior to arch installation.









The last section of arch being placed before backfill.











The arch in place just after project completion.









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