Kapowsin Tributary Culvert Replacements

Land Owner:  IP Pacific Timberlands

Location:       Tributary to Lake Kapowsin, Pierce County, Washington  

Sponsor:        Pierce County Conservation District   

Contractor:    CeCon Corporation, Tacoma, WA

Project Cost:  $44,000 (Both culverts)   


Project Summary: Chinook Engineering provided design assistance and construction management for this project involving the replacement of two undersized culverts on a tributary to Lake Kapowsin. The first culvert was replaced with a new 7 foot diameter pipe at a zero percent slope beneath the IP Pacific mainline logging road. The second culvert, further downstream on an adjacent service road, was replaced by a 9 foot diameter pipe installed on a 3 percent slope using the WDFW stream simulation design approach. The original culvert at this location was perched and therefore a complete barrier to upstream fish migration. With larger pipes in both locations and a resultant reduction in water velocities, fish access to upstream habitat is now possible. 







First section of the 7 foot diameter pipe be 

lowered into the trench on the mainline














Upstream photo of completed mainline 
















First section of the 9 foot diameter pipe be 

lowered into the trench on the 

spur road crossing.












Downstream photo of completed 

spur road crossing











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